Studio Wandlitz

Studio Wandlitz

STUDIO WANDLITZ brings artists, entrepreneurs as well as all interested parties to the Wensickendorfer Chaussee in Wandlitz for exchange and collaboration. On more than 300m² we are creating space for exhibitions, galleries, readings, seminars, workshops and much more.

In the next 5 years we will create spaces of encounter and exchange and especially try to overcome contrasts between city and country. The STUDIO WANDLITZ is open to all and especially to those who want to engage in togetherness.

It has one Open Space with flexible floor plans in modern, exceptional design.

Vernissage on April 1st, 2023

We are very pleased to open our new art exhibition " Begegnungen" (Encounters) on April 1. The exhibition presents an impressive variety of works, including works by well-known artists such as Thomas Platt, Henry Stöcker, Falko Warmt, Horst Leifers and Helmut Rauch. The exhibition "Encounters" offers visitors a special opportunity to experience a fascinating combination of art and music. The concert by Bob Beemann and Sylta Fee Wegmann is another highlight of this exhibition.

During the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to meet some of the artists in person and exchange ideas with them. "Begegnungen" is a unique event that will offer an unforgettable experience to art lovers and interested people.

The event attracts a special mix of guests, including personalities from politics, art and culture. This special gathering provides an excellent opportunity to meet and network with interesting people.

The exhibition "Begegnungen" is not only a place where works of art are presented, but also a place of inspiration, exchange and meetings.

We cordially invite you to participate in this unique event and experience the fascinating combination of art and music. Be part of this inspiring event and meet other art lovers, artists and personalities from politics, art and culture!

Program on April 1st, 2023

Vernissage “Begegnungen”
6pm - 7pm
Concert with Bob Beeman and Sylta Fee Wegmann
7pm - 10pm
Wine and small Buffet

Events Archive

Reading on December 16

Christina AthenstädtPeter Fieseler

On December 16, a reading with two special guests will take place as part of the 'Lebendiger Adventskalender Wandlitz': Christina Athenstädt and Peter Fieseler will read stories by Astrid Lindgren, among others, about Christmas. These short stories are funny, entertaining and sometimes sad.

In addition to her many theater engagements, Christina Athenstädt can be seen regularly in film and television roles, including the television series "Dr. Kleist" and currently in the lead role on the German public broadcaster "das Erste" as "Die Heiland - Wir sind Anwalt". Peter Fieseler became known to a wider audience primarily through his numerous television roles. He has appeared in Tatort, Wilsberg and the ARD series "Das Großstadtrevier," among others.

Opening on December 10

Kunstwerk Sascha BöhmeKunstwerk Katja StögmüllerKunstwerk Albrecht Klink

The kick-off on December 10, 2022 will be an exhibition by several artists, a reading and a concert. The theme is 'Zwischen den Welten'. Works by Katja Stögmüller, Albrecht Klink and Sascha Böhme will be exhibited, which deal with the field of tension between humans and machines.

Afterwards, Ahne reads from his books, sometimes funny, sometimes infuriating, but always original. The finale will be a live performance by musician Mario Patron with sensual guitar sounds, dreamy melodies and poetic lyrics.

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