Remote Republic - Create, Sleep, Repeat.

Remote Republic

We believe in the success of being together.

Because success moments are most beautiful when shared with others.That's why we create places where we can make positive progress together. Places to live, work and learn. Places where momentum for success can be created, where people meet to cooperate and support each other.It doesn't matter where you come from or what social background you carry.Everyone is welcome, everyone has the chance to fully develop their potential - to think big and to make big dreams come true. Together.

Space for fresh thinking

We moved to the country because we want to provide the optimal conditions for big ideas.Stand up paddling follows the zoom call, pitch decks are created around the campfire and the forest becomes an office.Future needs space and the great wide open gives your thoughts free rein.We contribute everything it takes to draw new strength and wonder differently - for more creativity and one step towards a better world.

View things differently

If you want to change things, you can't be afraid of contradictions.Therefore we combine freedom with proximity, landscape with technology and business with social commitment. And we bring people together who would otherwise never have met.To get closer, to learn from another, to shed new light on old challenges and to engage in discussions you've never had before. Remote Republic is a place for experiments, pies in the sky, la-la-lands and damn good mistakes.

Experience collectivity

It's unbelievable what we can achieve together.That's why our places are made for getting to know each other, working and experimenting together.And we want everyone to be able to participate.Everyone who is stuck in their structures.Everyone who has spent too much time working alone in recent years.It's a long haul to find the right solutions and we look forward to seeing you all.

Breaking new ground

Our ample social challenges can only be solved working together.We empower everyone to see their respective next step and then also taking it.To achieve this, we offer the right atmosphere, inspiring events and state-of-the-art technologies - always with the aim of breaking down barriers and unleashing potential.This is especially true for those who have yet to discover what they are capable of and for whom a whole new world awaits.


Remote Republic Schiffmühle

How we want to work in the future

We are driven by one question: What is the ideal environment for the development of new ideas? Our answer is Schiffmühle. That's an 80,000 square meters location near Berlin, and a plan - This is where the largest co-working/living/love/creation place in Germany is being created.

Places for wellbeing

Brilliant ideas can be found in ateliers or on the sports field. Good food is just as necessary as the right equipment. We are all about connecting things so we can change our perspectives. That's why every decision we make has one goal: to ensure that people who live and work here feel comfortable, bond, and bring out the best in each other.

Giving back to the world

We use renewable energy and want to feed the surplus electricity into the grid. The beehives are already there, beer is being brewed and we hope that many more resources will be created locally. We want to collectively decide how we want to work and live with each other in the future. Always linked to the idea that we leave the world behind better than we found it.

Social Entrepreneurship

Schiffmühle is a place where we want to show what is possible. That's why we also want to give people with little money the chance to implement their ideas here. For us, social entrepreneurship means that we invite people who are too often faced with barriers to join in.

Success needs commitment

Ecologically sustainable growth and social inequality are posing major social challenges. That's why we need innovative solutions that make us fit for the future. And we will only find them if we work together in a fairer, more open and responsible way. This idea is an inherent part of our DNA and we look forward to seeing you all!


Art and culture in Brandenburg

The STUDIO WANDLITZ is an independent art, seminar and event center in a prime location in Wandlitz.

Intel & Program

Open for everyone

STUDIO WANDLITZ brings contemporary art in the fields of music, art and literature to the stage. We are open to everyone, and especially to those who want to get involved in togetherness. Everyone is welcome to get involved.

Intel & Program

Stay connected

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